BIOMIT® – The Compost for Plants

Characteristics of BIOMIT®

Some improvements of using BIOMIT® on plants:

Increase crop quality
Increase crop quantity
Increase shelf life of fruits
Increase resistance to pests
The Compost for Plants - What is it?

What is it?

BIOMIT® is a compost for leafs stabilized of micro-elements for prevents deficiencies and physiological imbalances of plants.

The Compost for Plants - What for?

What for?

With regular use it promotes the development of the plant, resulting in a qualitative and quantitative improvement of the products.

The Compost for Plants - Is it safe?

Is it safe?

Yes, BIOMIT® is also allow for biological production and it is registred in the Register of Fertilizer n. 0014320/15.

The Compost for Plants - Where do you use it?

Where do you use it?

You can use it on any plant with leaves, flowers or fruits. It doesn’t washes but deteriorates progressively with the absorption by the plant and it is completely non-toxic, in fact the interval of deficiency after treatment is zero days.

The Compost for Plants - When you can use it?

When you can use it?

Distributed on the leaves during the growing season of plants, it has an immediate effect of nutrition. Then wiping the surface of leaves and on bud, forms a thin wrap of protective coating.

The Compost for Plants - Does it protects plants?

Does it protects plants?

Yes, thanks to its large nutritional capacity, BIOMIT® stimulates the immune system of plants, thus increasing their resistance to attack by cryptogams, bacteria and animal pests.

The Compost for Plants - Does it increase production?

Does it increase production?

Yes, in many crops such as corn, wheat, grapes, beets or fruit we found a significant increase in production and a consequent increase in the profit margins of the users.

The Compost for Plants - How do you use it?

How do you use it?

BIOMIT® is miscible with most pesticides and herbicides and applicable with any type of atomiser equipped with nozzles with a diameter not less than 10 micrometers (0.01 mm). It is also possible the distribution of the mixture with pneumatic atomization or centrifugal.

The Compost for Plants - How can I get it?

How can I get it?

Just a simple phone call, email or fax that you find on the contacts and the rest to us all.

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  • Increase fruit quantity

  • Twigs visibly bigger and stronger

  • Much deeper roots

  • Larger and most lush fruits

  • Bright green color of plants

  • Faster and most dense growth